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We install an evacuated tube (EVT) solar panel on your roof and connect it to your own geyser and you start saving right away.

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We convert your existing geyser to our solar geyser retrofits.

Start Saving on Electricity

Flexible Packages

With rent-to-own and full purchase options, you can choose an option that fits your budget.

Installation Included

Our certified team takes care of the whole process and makes sure everything works from the start.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Built in system controller ensures constant flow of hot water and has a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Solar Packages

We have a variety of geyser conversion packages available depending on your household and geyser size.

Whether you choose the rent-to-own or full purchase option, we want to make sure our system meets your needs.


I’m delighted with how easy it was to convert my geyser to solar power.

I’ve got wonderful hot water and already saving a lot on my electricity bill, thank you Aqua Therma.

Dr Catherine Davies

ZD Hair Clinic

The service we received from Aqua Therma from start to finish was mindblowin!

We love our new product… Thank you Sean and Cameron.

Mr & Mrs Van Zyl


As a family of 4, we need hot water on tap regardless of load shedding: now we have it! Converting our geyser was surprisingly simple. We’re impressed with the excellent service & high quality product. Highly recommend.

K. & M. Lubbe


About Us

Get to Know Us

With our proudly South African made product, we provide households with a meaningful contribution to a greener environment, benefiting our and future generations.

Founded by two South Africans and a Canadian investor with a close connection to South Africa and its people, we want to bring a fresh approach to energy supply and immediate, long term savings for most South African households. 


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Benefits of Rent-to-Own Solar Packages

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Solar Energy for Water Heating

Solar Energy for Water Heating

The benefits of solar energy are becoming more prominent in South Africa. People are looking for an alternative to electricity and it’s easy to see why. In 2023, South Africans have faced escalating...

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Is a Solar Geyser Worth It?

Is a Solar Geyser Worth It?

Here are the reasons why you should install a solar geyser today. South Africans have been burdened by the concern of an electrical shortage for over a decade. Load-shedding has become the norm, and...

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