A solar geyser conversion using evacuated tubes and your existing geyser is a process that integrates solar thermal technology to heat water for domestic use. It involves installing evacuated tube solar collectors on the roof to capture sunlight and convert it into heat energy. The heated fluid (often a mixture of water and antifreeze) in the evacuated tubes rises due to the natural convection process or is pumped into a heat exchanger or a manifold system, with the help of a solar PV-powered pump.

The heat from the fluid inside the evacuated tubes is then transferred to the water in your existing geyser through the heat exchanger, ensuring that the hot fluid does not mix directly with the domestic water. As the sun heats the fluid in the evacuated tubes, the hot water is then supplied to your geyser, displacing the need for electrical or gas heating elements to heat the water.

Benefits of a solar geyser conversion using evacuated tuves and your own geyser:

  • Energy Savings: By harnessing the sun’s free and renewable energy, a solar geyser conversion can substantially reduce your electricity or gas consumption for water heating, resulting in lower utility bills and significant energy cost savings.  Typical households will save 35% of their overall energy bill or R1000 per month at current rates.
  • High Efficiency: Evacuated tubes (EVT) are known for their excellent thermal performance, making them highly efficient even in colder climates or overcast conditions.
  • Easy Installation:  The installation of a solar geyser conversion using evacuated tubes and your existing geyser is easy and non-invasive, requiring minimal structural modifications. Standardized components and clear instructions streamline the process, allowing experienced installers to quickly set up the system, resulting in a hassle-free and efficient transition to solar water heating.
  • Durability:  Evacuated Tube (EVT) solar systems are durable and require little maintenance due to their robust construction and low wear and tear. With high-quality materials and limited moving parts, EVT systems can withstand harsh conditions and efficiently self-clean, ensuring reliable solar water heating over an extended lifespan. The established technology and manufacturer’s warranties further contribute to their long-lasting and hassle-free performance.
  • Year-round Performance: The design of evacuated tubes allows them to absorb and retain heat efficiently throughout the year on sunny days even if it’s cold.
  • Environmental Friendly: Utilizing solar energy for water heating reduces carbon emissions and environmental impact, contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.
  • Long-Term Investment: Though the initial cost of installation might be higher, a solar geyser conversion is a long-term investment that pays off over time through reduced energy bills and potential government incentives or rebates.
  • Increased Property Value: Solar installations are considered valuable assets for homes, potentially increasing the resale value of your property.
  • Energy Independence: Relying on solar energy makes you less dependent on utility companies / Eskom and reduces vulnerability to energy price increases.

In conclusion, a solar geyser conversion using evacuated tubes and your existing geyser is a smart and environmentally conscious way to heat water, offering high efficiency, energy savings, and long-term benefits for both homeowners and the planet. The addition of a solar PV-powered pump further enhances the system’s sustainability and reduces dependence on conventional electricity sources.