Rent-to-own solar packages have many advantages, such as a lower upfront investment with no annual escalations. In this articles we’ve outlined some of the top benefits of choosing this payment plan when converting your geyser to solar.
    • Rent to buy has a guaranteed fixed rental charge with no annual escalations unlike other rent to buy offers
    • With a modest installation fee of R2500* you get started saving right away as the rental payment less than you save in electricity and your savings rise as electricity prices rise
    • For a typical 3-4 person household with a 725pm rental payment you save an average of 1393pm* over five years or 45%!
    • Savings net of rental charge are R38k after five years or 45% of your hot water electricity bill*
    • The solar system installation and product is fully guaranteed for 5 years including a further limited manufacturer’s warranty to 10 years
    • Most rent to buy schemes are a cost to the consumer but with our unique contract you already save R393pm rising to R953pm for a typical household net of our guaranteed fixed rental charge*
    • Our certified installers and guaranteed system offer piece of mind the length of the contract
    • There is always an option to buy the system pro rata deducting the installation fee and months elapsed
    • Our systems include a controller/monitor which accessed seamlessly via your smartphone ensuring maximum savings

    *average savings based on a 30 tube (EVT) system for a 3-4 person household with a standard installation with Eskom announced electricity price increases or 10% inflation