Solar Geyser Retrofit Packages

We have a variety of geyser conversion packages available depending on your household and geyser size.

* Average monthly savings over 5 years with 10% inflation based on system & household size, T&C’s apply.

**  Hot water generation capacity depends on the number of evacuated tubes (EVT).

Do I need to install my own solar geyser conversion?

You don’t need to! All our packages include standard installation so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What are the product specs?
  • Systems are “Retrofit” where own geyser is retained and converted to solar.
  • High pressure system (suitable for showering etc. unlike low pressure systems) where for example a 30 EVT system produces 9.6kW and 374L of hot water per 24 hours at 40C.
  • Built in system controller ensures constant flow of hot water (most systems do not have).
  • Includes anti-overheating system designed not to overheat even in extreme summer temperatures.
  • Lowest price per kWh for solar generated hot water and highest quality system available in South Africa.
  • The only high pressure systems that can meet 100% of electricity replacement without overheating.
  • The only system which has overcome the problem of overheating in stagnation, when no hot water is being used from the tanks.
  • System is ‘plug & play’ enabling flexibility in meeting the different demands of orientation and inclination.
  • System is almost zero maintenance, incorporating anti reverse siphoning technology.
  • The system is the cheapest when compared on a ‘like for like basis’ on performance per Rand invested.
  • All our systems are manufactured in South Africa.
  • System carries a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
How much will I save?
Savings Illustration

– 30 EVT system produces 296kw per month
– Average Eskom fee starts at R3.83 per month (including 18.7% increase as of 1st April 2023) including standing charge

Rent to own R725 / month
  • Saves R1118 per month 2023 in electricity, 35% – net R393pm
  • Saves R1260 per month 2024 in electricity, 42% – net R535pm
  • Saves R1386 per month 2025 in electricity, 48% – net R661pm
  • Saves R1525 per month 2026 in electricity, 52% – net R800pm
  • Saves R1678 per month 2027 in electricity, 57% – net R953pm
  • Saves 100% for successive years Y6 net R1845, Y7 net R2030pm, Y8 R2232pm etc
  • Saving of R38k or 45% over 5 years, saving R69k over 7 years*
Full Purchase savings
Saves 90-95% of hot water costs based on 296kw average output per month:
  • Saves R1118 per month 2022
  • Saves R1260 per month 2023
  • Saves R1386 per month 2024
  • Saves R1525 per month 2025
  • Saves R1678 per month 2026
  • Saves R83k over 5 years, saving R130k over 7 years*

*average savings based on a 30 tube (EVT) system for a 3-4 person household with a standard installation with Eskom announced electricity price increases or 10% inflation

I’m delighted with how easy it was to convert my geyser to solar power.

I’ve got wonderful hot water and already saving a lot on my electricity bill, thank you Aqua Therma.

Dr Catherine Davies

ZD Hair Clinic

The service we received from Aqua Therma from start to finish was mindblowin!

We love our new product… Thank you Sean and Cameron.

Mr & Mrs Van Zyl


As a family of 4, we need hot water on tap regardless of load shedding: now we have it! Converting our geyser was surprisingly simple. We’re impressed with the excellent service & high quality product. Highly recommend.

K. & M. Lubbe