In the realm of sustainable energy solutions, Aqua Therma prioritises innovation and reliability. Partnering with a manufacturer that is a pioneer in solar geyser retrofit systems, Aqua Therma brings forth a unique approach to solar power that ensures significant savings without the risk of overheating—an advantage that sets them apart from other manufacturers’ systems.

Aqua Therma’s Solar Geyser Retrofit: Transforming Efficiency

At the heart of Aqua Therma’s offering is the solar geyser retrofit (conversion), a process that transforms your conventional geyser into a hybrid solar geyser. This retrofit involves the installation of a manifold system that connects evacuated tubes (EVT) to the geyser. A small solar PV pump circulates water between the geyser inside the roof and the solar collector on the roof. The solar collector absorbs the sun’s energy, heating the water, which is then circulated back to the geyser for immediate or later use.

The result? Aqua Therma’s systems boast an impressive 85-95% reduction in hot water electricity costs throughout the year for the average household which in 2024. But what truly sets them apart is their commitment to overcoming a common challenge faced by many solar systems—overheating!

The Cooling Mechanism: A Pioneering Solution

Aqua Therma sources solar geyser retrofit systems from a manufacturer that has revolutionized the South African market. What makes these systems unique is their built-in cooling mechanism, a feature crucial for preventing overheating, especially during scorching hot weather.

In contrast, systems offered by competitors such as Kwikot, SolarSA and SolarGuru lack adequate cooling mechanisms. These systems often require under-sizing for a given geyser size and household demand. The consequence? Competitor systems tend to produce sufficient hot water only on very warm or hot days, leaving homeowners reliant on expensive electricity to top up lukewarm water during average or colder days.  This means that their customers save less money.

Right-Sizing for Maximum Savings, Comfort, and Safety

Aqua Therma’s commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond mere efficiency. Their solar geyser retrofit systems can be accurately right-sized for your household and geyser specifications. This meticulous sizing ensures that you not only maximize energy savings but also enjoy consistent hot water even on average or winter days—a luxury often compromised by competitor systems.

By choosing Aqua Therma, you’re investing in a solution, complete with 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, that prioritizes your comfort, safety, and financial well-being. Their cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation make them the go-to choice for those seeking a reliable, energy-efficient, and cooling-equipped solar geyser retrofit system.

Make the smart choice today—choose Aqua Therma for a solar solution that won’t leave you in the cold!