Are you grappling with the challenge of having multiple geysers in your home and wondering how to make the switch to solar energy efficiently? Look no further – Aqua Therma has the perfect solution for you! In this blog post, we’ll explore how Aqua Therma can seamlessly retrofit geysers to solar, especially when dealing with two or more geysers in your household.

Connecting Geysers in Series:

One common scenario we encounter is clients with multiple geysers, each serving different areas of the house. Aqua Therma’s expertise allows us to relocate and connect these geysers in series, creating an efficient and cost-effective solution for solar-heated hot water throughout your home. For example, combining a geyser servicing bathrooms with another serving the kitchen and spare room or helper’s quarters can be easily achieved.

Simple Modifications for Efficiency:

The process involves some straightforward modifications, such as extra insulated piping and a few valves – usually incurring minimal additional costs (typically not exceeding R2000, including labour). This series connection creates a hot tank/cold tank setup that maximizes efficiency, enabling the use of a smaller and more budget-friendly solar system with fewer evacuated tubes (EVT).

Savings on Equipment and Smart Controllers:

When you opt for the series connection of geysers, you not only reduce costs associated with the number of EVT required, but Aqua Therma’s innovative approach also streamlines control with just one smart controller – the AquaTrac. This next-generation double AquaTrac smart controller adeptly manages the flow and temperature of water in the solar system and both connected geysers. Offering a dozen different readings, it ensures optimal performance, presenting a significant advantage over systems requiring two controllers. With AquaTrac, you can effortlessly configure smart electricity backups for each tank independently, enhancing both comfort and efficiency. Both the client and AquaTherma have remote access to AquaTrac readings, allowing us to troubleshoot and address support queries seamlessly based on the same information you observe.

Exclusive Double Tank Technology:

Aqua Therma stands out with its exclusive double tank technology, a feature not offered by any other manufacturer. This technology results in a system that is highly efficient and cost-effective. The synergy between the connected geysers ensures a well-balanced thermal exchange, enhancing the overall performance of your solar water heating system.

Example of Dual Tank Household Configuration:

In a typical scenario, a client might have a 150L geyser catering to two bathrooms and a household of 3-4 members, while another geyser handles the kitchen, a guest bathroom, or helper’s quarters. In a conventional approach, separate geyser retrofits would entail recommending 1 x 30 EVT for the main bathrooms and 1 x 24 EVT for the kitchen, guest bathroom, and helper’s quarters, along with 2 smart controllers. Conversely, Aqua Therma suggests a more efficient setup by connecting both geysers in series with a total of 42 EVT and just 1 controller, resulting in savings of 10 EVT and 1 AquaTrac double tank smart controller. This translates to a remarkable total saving of over 20%.

Manufacturer’s Cooling Technology:

Aqua Therma’s manufacturer takes innovation a step further by incorporating cooling technology into its systems. This feature prevents the system from overheating even on exceptionally hot days, providing peace of mind to our clients. With Aqua Therma, you can confidently invest in a right-sized solar system that meets your needs without compromising on efficiency.  Other manufacturers do not have this technology and need to undersize systems to prevent overheating.


Say goodbye to the complexity of managing multiple geysers in your house and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Aqua Therma’s solar solutions. With our series connection method, cost-effective modifications, and cutting-edge technologies, Aqua Therma ensures that you enjoy a reliable and sustainable solar water heating system tailored to your specific requirements. Experience the future of solar energy with Aqua Therma!