The AquaTrac controller is a sophisticated and advanced solution for optimizing solar water heating systems, offering a range of benefits that make it stand out in the market. With its online and offline monitoring capabilities, flexible back-up settings, and real-time data display, AquaTrac provides users with convenient and efficient control over their water heating system. Additionally, features like NightSolar optimization, air lock solenoid release, and pump “siesta” option further enhance energy efficiency, making AquaTrac a compelling choice for those seeking to maximize the benefits of their solar water heating setup.

Advantages of the AquaTrac Controller:

  1. Sophisticated Online Control: Users can remotely monitor and manage their solar water heating system through an online interface, offering convenience and flexibility in system control.
  2. Offline External Monitoring: Even without an internet connection, users can obtain a comprehensive view of their system’s performance, enabling prompt issue identification and resolution.
  3. Flexible Back-Up Settings: Customizable timing settings for electric element back-up allow users to create specific heating schedules for weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  4. Real-Time Water Temperature Display: Immediate feedback on water temperature helps users make adjustments for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.
  5. Energy Savings and Heat Loss Statistics: Detailed data on energy savings and heat loss enables informed decisions to enhance system efficiency.
  6. NightSolar Option: Optimizes solar heating during nighttime hours, maximizing solar energy utilization and overall energy efficiency.
  7. Air Lock Solenoid Release: Prevents airlocks in the system, ensuring smooth water flow and efficient heating.
  8. Pump “Siesta” Option: Users can schedule pump operation, reducing energy consumption during specific periods for enhanced efficiency.
  9. Full Graphic Display & Analysis: Comprehensive graphic representation aids in understanding system behavior and performance.
  10. Easy Measurement and Verification (M&V): Downloadable system statistics facilitate accurate performance evaluation and reporting.

Screenshot of AquaTrac Solar Collector & Geyser Temperature and Other Readings.