Our Story

Our mission is to bring a fresh approach to energy supply and immediate, long term savings for most South African households.

With our proudly South African made product, we provide households with a meaningful contribution to a greener environment, benefiting our and future generations.

Carlos Mosca


Carlos is a Portuguese South African. He has worked many years in South Africa helping deliver a range of unique products and services, with solutions to suit the needs of South African households. His aim has been to facilitate an easier daily life and to save money. 

He is passionate about introducing Aqua Therma’s ideal product, providing reliable energy at a tremendous saving for South African homes and families. 

Cameron Duncan


“Hi, I’m Cameron, a Canadian banker currently based in Amsterdam, Holland. My connection to South Africa runs deep, stemming from my past experiences of living and working in this beautiful country. Over time, I’ve developed strong ties with the people, rooted myself in the culture, and formed a genuine bond with South Africa.

My primary goal is to help South Africans save on their home electricity bills. Together with my South African partners, we’ve devised a fresh approach to turn this goal into reality. Our mission? To convert geysers to solar power, providing affordable, reliable, and long-term energy solutions for all.
By converting our clients’ geysers to solar, we not only save them money on their electricity bills but also contribute to a more sustainable future. It’s a win-win situation that drives us to make a positive impact on households.

I’m in town often, do come and see us at our Rosebank offices!”

Chett Goldin

Marketing Manager

Chett Goldin is a South African born entrepreneur and visionary. He is one of the founders of The Gaia Sanctuary, an off-grid community in Swellendam. It was his awareness of the current energy crisis which prompted him to create a solution.

Chett is back in Gauteng determined to assist people in becoming more energy conscious and helping them to save a significant amount on their energy bills.

“Complaining about the issues at hand doesn’t help. You can do your bit by simply getting involved with solar and thaking pressure off the grid.”