In South Africa, where a significant portion of household electricity bills stems from geyser-related power consumption, the decision to opt for a hybrid system over a pure solar PV setup becomes crucial. Approximately 40%-65% of South African household’s electricity costs are attributed to the geyser, a power-hungry device that poses challenges for battery-dependent systems.

While a pure solar PV system might seem like an ideal solution, the reality is that the intermittent and high-power demand of geysers can quickly deplete batteries, leaving homeowners with limited power for essential needs. Upscaling the solar PV system to accommodate the geyser’s demands is a costly venture, making it less feasible for many.

Enter the cost-effective alternative: a solar geyser retrofit. Utilizing existing geysers and harnessing natural sunlight for water heating, this option proves to be around three times cheaper than a solar PV system with equivalent heating potential. Although solar geysers cannot power lights or other essentials, they effectively tackle the substantial portion of electricity bills associated with water heating.

For a comprehensive solution to escape loadshedding challenges, a three-pronged approach emerges:

1.Gas for Cooking: 

During loadshedding, gas becomes a reliable option for cooking, mitigating the strain on batteries caused by large heating elements.

2. Solar Geyser Retrofit:

An affordable alternative to address the significant power draw from geysers, reducing the reliance on conventional electricity for water heating.

3. Economical Solar PV System:

A strategic addition to power larger devices during the day and cover non-essential needs at night, providing a well-rounded and efficient energy solution.

By embracing this hybrid system, South African households can significantly reduce their dependence on the grid, resulting in substantial savings on electricity bills. With options like rent-to-buy making solar solutions more accessible, there’s no excuse to delay the transition to a hassle-free and cost-effective solar-powered lifestyle. The question is, what are you waiting for? Take the leap into energy independence today!