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We trust this newsletter finds you in good spirits as we usher in the month of February with exciting news and remarkable achievements within our Aqua Therma family. As we continue our commitment to innovative, sustainable energy solutions, we are thrilled to share some groundbreaking updates with you.

Dazzling Savings: Aqua Therma Clients Save Big!

In a recent survey of 30 Aqua Therma clients, we are elated to report that on average, our clients are saving a remarkable 55% on their energy bills! The survey compared electricity usage before and after our solar geyser retrofit, revealing savings ranging from 38% to an impressive 66%. These figures surpass the national average of 40% for geyser electricity use. The surge in savings can be attributed to a mindful approach towards energy consumption, with our clients adopting energy-efficient practices amidst escalating Eskom prices, e.g. only minimal use of heaters, aircon, pool pumps and other high consumers.


Solar Geyser Retrofits – how do they work exactly?

At Aqua Therma, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solutions that prioritize both innovation and reliability. Our solar geyser retrofits, sourced from a pioneering manufacturer, stand out by ensuring substantial savings without the risk of overheating—an unparalleled advantage in the market. Central to Aqua Therma’s offerings is the solar geyser retrofit, a transformative process that turns your conventional geyser into a hybrid solar geyser. This involves installing a manifold system that connects evacuated tubes to the geyser, circulating water between the geyser and the solar collector on the roof. This ingenious system results in an outstanding 85-95% reduction in hot water electricity costs throughout the year.

The Cooling Mechanism: A Pioneering Solution

What sets Aqua Therma apart is our commitment to overcoming a common challenge faced by many solar systems—overheating. Our systems come equipped with a built-in cooling mechanism in the manifold, ensuring optimal performance even during scorching weather. Unlike competitor systems, our solutions provide consistent hot water, making them a reliable choice year-round. Beyond efficiency, Aqua Therma offers right-sized solar geyser retrofit systems tailored to your household and geyser specifications. This careful sizing guarantees not only maximum energy savings but also consistent hot water, a luxury often compromised by other systems. Choose Aqua Therma for a reliable, energy-efficient, and cooling-equipped solar geyser retrofit system that prioritizes your comfort, safety, and financial well-being.

Unveiling Solar Solutions: Aqua Therma and PC Solar Partnership

To further enhance your savings and shield you from load shedding inconveniences, Aqua Therma has partnered with PC Solar, a distinguished player in the solar industry with a decade of expertise. Introducing solar photovoltaic packages alongside our renowned Solar Geyser Retrofits, this collaboration aims to provide you with comprehensive solutions tailored to your energy needs. Check out our packages and reach out for a personalized quote here.


Exclusive Newsletter Discount!

As a token of appreciation for your continued support, we’re delighted to offer an exclusive 5% discount. Mention the code NEWS0224 during your purchase or monthly rent-to-buy transaction to enjoy these savings.

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