Here are the reasons why you should install a solar geyser today.

South Africans have been burdened by the concern of an electrical shortage for over a decade. Load-shedding has become the norm, and we are still battling with the impact in our day-to-day lives. However, there are solutions to this nationwide problem. Your existing geyser has the ability to save you money and prevent further inconveniences if you decide to make the switch to solar power. Converting geysers to solar is easier to install and less costly than you think. Take a look at some of the other benefits that come with converting your geyser to solar energy. 

It’ll save you money

Hot water is an absolute necessity, especially during the winter months – but did you know our geysers use around 10 kilowatts of energy every 24 hours*? This means that the average homeowner’s geyser accounts for around 40% of their electricity bill. When you convert to a solar geyser, you’re guaranteed to reduce your electricity bill for hot water by 85-95% over the year, making every penny spent on installation worth it. 

The best solution to load shedding

You may have heard of the suggestion of turning your geyser off while you’re not at home to reduce electrical costs. However, when you come home to a 2-hour load-shedding session, you won’t have hot water for at least 3 hours. By using solar geysers, this won’t be a problem – you can keep your geyser on at all times, worry-free!

Converting is easier than you think

One of the main reasons people tend to shy away from converting to solar geysers is the installation process. Converting your geyser to solar safely and securely requires expertise, which can come at a cost. If you choose the right company to convert your geyser, your initial up-front cost can be as little as R2500 (deposit for rent to buy option) – a small price to pay for a new cost-effective sustainable water heating solution. 

Choosing the right company to assist you with converting your geyser to solar also means finding someone who can tailor their payment options to your financial needs. Finding a company that offers a rent-to-buy payment plan will allow you to make the conversion without breaking the bank. Luckily, Aqua Therma has a uniquely tailored rent-to-buy payment option that will ensure your solar conversion goes smoothly and that you start saving right away (your fixed rental payment is lower than what you save on electricity!).

It’s eco-friendly

Solar energy is one of the few solutions South Africans can look to for a more sustainable future. If our country continues its overwhelming dependence on electricity generated by coal and other fossil fuels, we will experience nationwide blackouts for years to come. Making the switch to a solar geyser is the first step you can take toward a fully solar energy-powered home, if saving on your bill isn’t enough to convince you – then do it for a greener life. 


*Based on average hot water electricity consumption for a 3-4 person household in South Africa